Archived Exam Information (2020-21)

Following the cancellation of the regular examination process in summer 2021 (due to the Government’s spring 2021 COVID school closure) the Examination Body (JCQ) has now issued it’s ‘Summer 2021 Teacher Assessed Grades – Centre Policy’ and a copy of this is available here

There is also guidance on the Appeals process in relation to summer 2021 examination grades and this may be accessed here

Various ‘original’ policy documents relating to the intended (pre-COVID closure) 2020-21 examination process and rules are available via the links below:

OSA Exams Policy 2020-21
OSA Conflicts of Interest Policy (Summer 2021)
OSA Exams Malpractice Policy 2021

OSA Data Protection (Exams Policy 2020-21)
OSA Exams Equalities Policy 2020-21
OSA Exams Access Arrangements Policy 2020-21
OSA Exam Candidate Absence Policy 2020-21
OSA Exam Candidate Identification Procedure 2020-21
OSA Exam Candidate Late Arrival Policy 2020-21
OSA Exam Complaints and Appeals Procedure 2020-21
OSA Exam Emergency Evacuation Policy 2020-21
OSA Exam Contingency Plan 2020-21
OSA Exams Archiving Policy 2020-21
OSA Exams Food and Drink Policy 2020-21
OSA Exams Internal Appeals Procedure (Internal Assessment decisions) 2020-21
OSA Exams Internal Appeals Procedure (Reviews of Results and Appeals) 2020-21
OSA Leaving the Exam Room Policy 2020-21
OSA Exams Lockdown Policy 2020-21
OSA Exams Managing Behaviour Policy 2020-21
OSA Exams Non-examination Assessment Policy 2020-21
OSA Exams Overnight Supervision Arrangements Policy 2020-21
OSA Exam Separate Invigilation Policy 2020-21
OSA Exam Special Consideration Policy 2020-21
OSA Exam Word Processor Policy 2020-21