COVID Guidance + Recovery Funding/Planning


Ormiston Sudbury Academy is currently CLOSED to all students (apart from those classed as ‘vulnerable’ or those who are the children of key workers who are unable to make alternative childcare arrangements) as part of the Government’s announcement of National measures to try and reduce the spreading of the Coronavirus.

The best, and most up-to-date place for ALL public guidance on the current COVID crisis is the Government’s own website, here 

By regularly visiting the above website, staff, students and parents will be able to keep up-to-date with the very latest guidance, restrictions and Government planning regarding the reopening of schools.

Recovery Planning

See the OSA 2020-21 COVID 19 Curriculum Response and Recovery Planning document (version 1)   (including information regarding the Government’s COVID Catch-up Funding)

The OSA statement regarding the ESFA COVID 16-19 Funding may be found under the ‘DfE Guidance’ section at the top of our Policies page, here