Curriculum Map: Art and Design


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13
Autumn 1 Colour Theory and exploring media. Textiles. Looking at the work of artists. Exploring the work of artists. Natural forms. Developing digital media skills: photoshop. Photography task. Inroduction. Development of drawings and sample work Design ideas page(s) and a plan for the A Level final outcome.
Autumn 2 Developing art skills. Working in pencil, clay and textiles. Tonal drawing studies. Developing final piece. Design options for personal investigation. Development/ influences of artists/craft/designers to support drawing/current work. Experimental work – linked to A Level end piece(s) Personal investigation review
Spring 1 Continued development of art based skills. Studies of the work of artists. Portraits and batik. Drawing work. Batik. Lino printing. Exploring final exam brief. Developing a range of sample work – linked to individual drawings and artist influences. Personal investigation. Present 3000 essay with all sample work, drawing and annotation. Completion of all coursework.
Spring 2 Exploring clay artists. Clay work. Photographing art piecces. Exploring the artists linked to the critical study. Preparation for mock exam. Drawing skills.  Personal investigation introduction. Select exam theme and begin preparatory work.
Summer 1 Exploring poetry. Mono printing on fabric. Independent drawings and samples to link to exam ideas. Critical study. Final exam. Mood board and design ideas page for final outcome. Personal investigation. Final preparations and exam.
Summer 2 Begin unit 1 final piece. N/A Final outcome preparation and personal investigation. N/A