Lessons during COVID closure

Work for students is currently being delivered via both ‘Remote’ and ‘Live’ lessons. (See our Remote Learning Arrangements on our ‘Policies’ page)

Our definition of ‘remote learning’ is work that is set and can be completed from home; ‘live’ lessons will be conducted online, in real time, through MICROSOFT TEAMS at a specific time.

‘Live and ‘Remote’ lessons are being alternated, weekly, as detailed below:

** NB start times for live lessons are: Lesson 1 – 9.15am,  Lesson 2 – 11am,  Lesson 3 – 12noon, Lesson 4 – 2pm

WB 22nd February – lessons 2 and 4 are ‘LIVE’; lessons 1 and 3 are ‘remote’
WB 1st March – lessons 1 and 3 are ‘LIVE’; lessons 2 and 4 are ‘remote’

WB 8th March – PHASED RETURN TO LEARNING IN THE CLASSROOM; see here for letters sent out to parents regarding this


Links for LIVE LESSONS will be emailed to students’ Academy email addresses and will appear in their TEAMS calendars as a reminder. Microsoft TEAMS can be accessed via office.com or via a desktop app. with students using their ACADEMY email address and password to log in.  If you need a little help, please use these links for How to Use Microsoft TEAMS  for Parents/Students and the ‘Student ‘Quick Start’ guide .


Once students have completed work, they should also submit it via TEAMS; page 16 of the ‘Student ‘Quick Start’ guide provides pictorial guidance on how to do this (it is relatively straightforwardclick on the Assignment set, then click on the button labelled ‘Add Work’, then click the ‘Turn In’ button – this enables the upload and submission of work for feedback from the teacher.)

The benefit of students submitting work in this way of course, is that it records the submission to their teachers; teachers can also give individual feedback via the same platform; and evidence can be gained for any future assessment.

If you are not sure how to do this, please don’t hesitate to ask your teacher! 

Copies of tasks, worksheets and presentations from TEAMS lessons may also be found on our website here HOWEVER those resources  are designed ONLY for students who cannot access TEAMS, because all remote learning specific to the class/group will be published on their class TEAM.  The webpage is being updated on an ongoing basis, but is NOT intended for use unless there is a (temporary) problem with accessing live lessons/remote resources via TEAMS (which should be used IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.)

(Microsoft) Office 365 (including TEAMS) – FREE!!

As an Ormiston Sudbury Academy student, you are entitled to access the Microsoft Office (365) suite of software, for use, FREE OF CHARGE, on your personal PC, laptop, tablet or ‘phone.

Using any web browser, on your PC, laptop, ‘phone or tablet, search for ‘Office 365’ and log in, using your Academy email address and password, then follow the instructions to download the software/app(s) – and the links above for the Microsoft ‘help’ guides.

FINALLY……..over recent months, OSA has provided a bank of  ‘additional resources which will allow ANY student to be able to find some useful tasks to undertake; these are available here.

There are increasing numbers of organisations and websites offering free online-learning opportunities, for students working from home, and some of these are:

Oak National Academy 
This is an online classroom and resource hub devised by teachers, for teachers and is backed by the Department for Education. It can be accessed here.
BBC Bitesize
The BBC has launched an education package across TV and online, featuring celebrities and teachers, helping to keep children learning at home and supporting parents, which may be accessed here

The Department for Education has also published a variety of home-learning resources which are available to parents/carers/students and these may be found on their website, here

Votes for Schools: Independent Learning (Create, Discover, Share, Discuss)
Arts, Culture and History – A wealth of materials to explore, including virtual tours of all kinds of museums and exhibitions
Seneca Learning – online learning resource platform
Digital Theatre – OSA students in all year groups may watch professional theatre performances using the generic username [email protected] and password stagedoor
National Theatre – subscribe (free) to their YouTube channel to access a wealth of live productions and videos
‘Beyond’  (Twinkl) – resources for KS3 students to access for English, maths and science
Corbett Maths A variety of worksheets (and answers)  that may provide practice for GCSE students  at all levels.
Duo Lingo – multi-language resource for a variety of levels of ability
NHS Exercise/Fitness Routines whilst you are in self-isolation
The Body Coach – subscribe to Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel for daily workouts to follow (on YouTube), at home! (Get mum, dad, sister(s) brother(s) to do it along with you…….. many OSA members of staff will be doing it too!)

Maths Watch (via Wonde)

It is important that we all take care of our wellbeing and mental health whilst we are having to ‘stay at home’; the safeguarding of students, parents/carers, members of staff and all the respectively linked OSA families is also very important.  We have a range of self-help tips and hints – as well as information on sources of external support – on our website here