(Microsoft) Office 365 (including TEAMS) – FREE

As an Ormiston Sudbury Academy student, you are entitled to access the Microsoft Office (365) suite of software, for use, FREE OF CHARGE, on your personal PC, laptop, tablet or ‘phone.

Using any web browser, on your PC, laptop, ‘phone or tablet, search for ‘Office 365’ and log in, using your Academy email address and password, then follow the instructions to download the software/app(s).

The 2020 COVID pandemic, and associated school closures, has meant that staff and students are making more use of online learning tools including, increasingly, use of Microsoft TEAMS as a medium for communication.  ALL STUDENTS are able to access this and a quick reference on how to do this may be found here

Once you have the software/app installed, you will find the more detailed Microsoft User Guide invaluable to enable you to get the most out of the app.