Posted on: 19th July 2022

We have, today, been contacted by the local Police regarding a rising trend they are experiencing with anti-social behaviour from increasingly large groups of young people who are gathering by the banks of the river in nearby Bures; the Police are aware that there are secondary (and older) students from various local schools and academies, including OSA, who are travelling considerable distances, joining these groups and participating in activities which are potentially dangerous and/or illegal, at evenings and weekends.
The Police have asked for our assistance in raising awareness, with our students and parents, that the problem has escalated exponentially over the last few days, to the point where a Dispersal Order has been issued for the village, with immediate effect, and to continue throughout the summer holiday, meaning that Police now have the power to disperse social gatherings and send individuals home; if youngsters refuse to comply with this, the Police then have the power to arrest them.
There have been occasions where in excess of 200 youngsters have gathered in Bures, with dangerous behaviours such as consuming alcohol and dropping glass/broken bottles on the grass/into the river, jumping into the river where it is not safe, using ‘recreational’ gas for the purpose of experiencing a ‘high’ – and more; ALL of these being potentially dangerous and, indeed, last weekend the Air Ambulance was mobilised to collect a casualty from the scene of just such a gathering.
We URGE you to ensure that your child(ren) do NOT join in with, now illegal, social gatherings – and to think about the POTENTIAL dangers to them and their friends. The current hot weather can make rivers seem like an ideal place to gather, but there are far more dangers than benefits from gatherings that escalate out of control in the way that has recently been experienced in Bures.
Thank you in advance for your help in discussing this with your child – or any other young people with whom you have contact (and influence) – to ensure that we do not find ourselves with a fatality on our hands over the course of the next few weeks.

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