Competition time (Years 9 +10) – University of Suffolk ‘Design a Course’

Posted on: 4th December 2020

The University of Suffolk’s ‘HE Family Zone‘ are running a competition for families to get involved in. The competition is aimed at students in years 9 and 10 to create their dream course to study at university. Students will need to produce an A3 poster advertising their creation. (IF you have a Facebook account available to use, you can see here for an information video for the competition).

Parents or carers will need to sign their young person up via an application form on the University of Suffolk website. Once they have signed up, the University will send them a poster pack. They must sign up by 14th December to get this.

All poster submissions will receive a goodie bag. There will be 3 winners, who will receive a £20 voucher and have their poster shared on the HE Family Zone Facebook page.

To help with poster design, the University will  be running a video on the HE Family Facebook page on 17th December on how to build a university course; students who have registered for the competition by 14th December are invited to view the video for some ideas on what they may need to consider when designing their poster.

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