Coronavirus – Public Health England’s guidance for schools

Posted on: 2nd March 2020

As you will see from the poster below, and current guidance, there is no cause for general alarm however as an academy we have been asked to bring in these measures to limit the potential spread of coronavirus and this is general advice issued to all school.

We will be asking all students to wash/ sanitise their hands on arrival at the academy, after breaks and sport, before eating, before they leave the academy and after using the toilet and follow good personal hygiene if they cough or sneeze. We will ensure that soap and facilities are available at the academy, however as alcohol-based hand sanitiser is now in short supply through most suppliers, it would be really helpful if you could send your child into the academy with hand gel if you have some at home as well as tissues as this will ease pressure on washroom facilities and sinks.

The guidance also asks that students wash their hands before leaving home to come to the academy and we would ask that you discuss these measures with them.

Thank you



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