LOST PROPERTY (unnamed items!!!!)

Posted on: 4th April 2019

The eternal problem 😟 of unnamed items of uniform, clothing, PE kit, footwear and bags etc. means that, once again, we have a large number of uncollected items in Lost Property, that we cannot return to owners, because there is no hint as to who they are!

If your child has lost something over the course of this half-term, it could well be worth them popping along to the Academy Office to check and see if they recognise anything as belonging to them!)

…..and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help us to avoid this problem by writing/sewing/laminating your child’s name into all items of clothing; they may FEEL that, as teenagers (or NEAR-teenagers) they don’t need this – but rest assured, our experience tells us differently (and parents don’t tend to take kindly to having to replace items of uniform for the second, third, (fourth,…..fifth………..) time!!! IF an item is handed in with a name in it, we WILL get it back to the owner! Thank you in anticipation of your support!

Category: Academy news, Sixth form news