Safeguarding OSA pupils whilst the Academy is closed……

Posted on: 23rd March 2020


During this period of school closure, we are only open for (and staffing for) key workers’ children where there is no other childcare option, or potential for self-care at home, and recognised ‘vulnerable students’. Children should be staying at home as much as possible and not socialising with friends, to minimise the spread of Coronavirus in the community.

Staying at home means that students are less exposed to certain local contextual Safeguarding issues, but potentially more exposed to others.

As we are now not seeing children each day we cannot look out for those signs that something might not be quite right and we are not here for children to report things to us or to talk to us. Below is a list of potential issues and the advised course of action to take;

  • Online Safety usage will increase because children are not out and about: they will be communicating via social media more; there are multiple links on our website’s Safeguarding page; about Online safety. In the event of cyberbullying, always block, and in extreme cases, inform the Police on 111.
    • Continue to follow advice on age limits for social media platforms, gaming and films.
    • Continue to follow advice on staying safe when gaming or socialising online with unknown people.

for links to the Suffolk Children and Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing Hub and advice on mental wellbeing.

  • If you feel a crime has been committed for example around drugs or anti-social behaviour call the Police on 111. (In an emergency always call 999).

If you feel the options above do not apply to your situation and you still need further advice or to let us know about something, please visit our website;  or you can email; [email protected] and we will endeavour to support you. Often the Academy is the first port of call for many students and parents regarding many issues that may not even be a “school issue” and we will always try to support. It is now more complicated that we are not here so much, so please use the advice above.

Take the greatest of care and please follow the guidance issued regarding social distancing, keeping children at home where possible.

Mrs Price – Designated Safeguarding Lead

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