‘Talking to your children about scary world news’ – tips for parents/carers from the Mental Health Foundation

Posted on: 3rd March 2022

Given what is happening in Ukraine at the moment, you may find you have some children who are especially worried or anxious or have children who are directly affected through connections.

This link provides some useful tips for parents when talking to children about worrying events

Talking to your children about scary world news | Mental Health Foundation

At OSA, we have been using the following Powerpoint to support our PSHE/Citizenship activities in tutor time this week; parents/carers may also find it useful to download the presentation and view it with their child(ren), to facilitate discussion with them.

(Click on the image below to download a copy of the Powerpoint presentation, which contains active links to narration and videos/sound clips to accompany the slides)

In addition, this article may be useful in understanding/deciphering conflicting information which may be found online and published through various media channels.

Ukraine and beyond: How to fact check misleading videos – Full Fact

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