Accelerated Reader

Frequently asked Questions

What is Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer programme that helps manage and monitor students’ independent reading practice. It assesses students’ understanding of texts.

The student picks a book at the appropriate reading level and reads it at his/her own pace. When the book is finished, the student will take a quiz on the computer. Passing the test ensures the student has understood what they have read.

How is the Reading Level determined?

This is done using a Star Reading Test on the computer.

What is a Star Reading Test?

It is a computerised reading assessment using computer adaptive technology.

Questions continually adjust to the student response. If a question is correctly answered, the difficulty of the next question will be increased and vice versa.

Students are given a reading level as a result of the Star Test and when they start at the beginning of the year at the lower end of the scale,  when a test result is better than 80% students can move up reading levels within their designated range. These levels indicate  reading material which students can access easily and  show growth.

Students are Star Tested at least 4 times a year to see if they have made progress during the year.

What are the levels?

Many of our books are graded between 0.5 and 13.  Students are also encouraged to read books for pleasure as well.

How does the data help students and teachers?

Teachers can use results to set students individual reading targets of various kinds and direct ongoing reading practice.

It can also determine which students need extra help with their reading and would benefit from some intervention.

If a student doesn’t do well in a quiz, teachers ask questions as to why this might be the case and maybe help  students find a book at a level more suited to their needs.

How does the Academy motivate students to read and quiz as much as possible?

Rewards of various kinds for those students who get more than 80 per cent in their quizzes.  Also for students who read the most words, reach their reading targets or make the most improvement in reading levels throughout the year.

What can parents do to ensure students enjoy and make most progress with their reading?

Encourage them to frequently read a wide range of material.  If they read to you, ensure they understand the text and question them on words which they may not understand.

Create a reading culture at home and use the local library regularly and encourage reading at home. As with anything, practice improves performance.

How can parents/students find out if a particular book is available with a quiz?

Log into  Students can read books from home if they have quiz on the system.