Humanities faculty

Head of faculty: Miss M Davis


For information about post-16 opportunities in humanities, please see our sixth form pages.

Academically Most Able Provision in Humanities

Within the Humanities faculty we are committed to challenging and assisting all students to achieve their very fullest potential.

This comes from a core belief of all the faculty staff that students can achieve more; more than they perhaps believe themselves and certainly more than a conventional curriculum would demand.

Not only do we differentiate the teaching and resources in all lessons to stretch the most able but we also have a curriculum deliberately designed to test and push the brightest and best. Whether it is the Philosophy and Ethics lessons delivered to all year groups or the Ancient History lessons – including ancient Greek and Latin – available at GCSE, our History, Archaeology, Geography, Philosophy and Psychology departments are constantly looking for new ways to test and inspire the very strongest academic students from age 11– 8.

In line with the rest of the Academy, students are identified as Academically Most Able from KS2 data and by teacher observations. Rigorous and regular assessments track the progress of able students to ensure they are making progress in line with stringent expectations.

We have a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities for Academically Most Able students. In previous years these have included, but were certainly not limited to:

  • Trips to Stonehenge and the British Museum
  • Ancient History GCSE
  • Archaeology A Level
  • Local archaeological excavations
  • Trips to Cambridge University
  • Visits to the Belgian Battlefields of the First World War
  • Geography field trips including the residential trip to Exmoor
  • Sixth Form debates on issues within contemporary society
  • A Humanities Council making weekly weather predictions using an in-house weather station
  • We are also currently in the process of forming an Academy Quidditch team

If you have any questions about the Academically Most Able provision with Humanities please contact the Head of Humanities, Miss M Davis.