Maths faculty

Head of FacultyMr C Rayner

KS3 Statement of Intent: Maths

Maths is a practical and powerful tool, and our aim is to encourage all students to develop skills that enable them to make the connections required for the application of mathematics in a wide variety of everyday situations.

We offer a broad curriculum to all students that builds on Year 6 learning.

Our curriculum encourages students to develop a deeper understanding of Maths, both written and oral, so that they have the confidence to apply their maths skills in a wide range of other school subjects including Science, Food and Nutrition, Design and Technology and Engineering.

KS3 Statement of Intent: ICT

This subject provides an interesting and engaging look into the basics of ICT. Technology’s role in the modern world cannot be understated, with the current generation of students using technology more than ever before it is imperative they are able to do so safely and effectively. Regardless of the subjects or careers they may wish to pursue in the future, ICT will help them gain the skills necessary to succeed.

We will begin the course by looking at simple file management and data presentation, this will assist them in creating not only revision schedules or resources, but more technical and professional pieces. From here we move on to E-safety and presentation. With recent changes to GDPR it is important students understand how to be safe and secure online, and what accountability they have for data. As the first point of protection against E-threats they must not only learn to recognise how threats develop, but also how to respond to them. Software such as Keynote and PowerPoint provides the backbone of lecturing to schools and businesses across the country, for this reason students will be given the skills to develop their own presentations which they will deliver to their teachers and peers.

Lastly we will look at coding and game design. With the United Kingdom at the forefront of this field in Europe, digital companies are looking to recruit the best and brightest coders. Computers games provide a fun and engaging opportunity for students to put the skills they have learnt into practice. ICT does not railroad a student into a job in computing, an understanding of the digital world will open up a variety of interesting and exciting paths, allowing our students to accomplish their true potential in any field.