Our Staff

July/August 2020

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Senior Leadership

Mrs C. A. Wilson Executive Principal

Mrs E Price            Assistant Principal: Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitudes

Mr D. Howkins      Vice Principal: Standards (Staff and Students),  SENDCO/CLA Nominee

Miss L. Turner Assistant Principal: Quality of Education at KS3

Mr P. Stokes Assistant Principal: Quality of Education at KS4 and 5

Mrs N. Discombe Director of Finance








Heads of Year

Miss K Webster Head of Year 7
Miss R Spencer Head of Year 8 (from 6th July 2020)
Miss B Holmes Head of Year 9 (from 6th July 2020)
Mr B Herring Head of Year 10 (continuing and into year 11 from 1st September)
Mr A Starkey Head of Year 11 (LEFT)

House Managers

Mrs M Newell House Manager – Emily Brontë House
Mrs C Emerton House Manager – John Harrison House
Mrs L Gilson House Manager – Rosa Parks House
Mr O King House Manager – Thomas Gainsborough House

Additional Pastoral Support

Mr A Discombe Behaviour Intervention Coordinator
Mr A Armstrong Fire Liaison Officer (EXTERNAL)

English Faculty

Mrs S Lewin Head of Faculty: English
Mrs L Drakard Second in Faculty: English
Ms H Bernhard-Bubb English Faculty
Mr D Howkins English Faculty  (and Vice Principal)
Mrs A Pen English Faculty
Miss L Tejano English Faculty
Miss L Warden English Faculty
Miss R Watkins English Faculty (MFL)
Ms M Escobar English Faculty (MFL)

Mathematics Faculty

Mr C Rayner Head of Faculty: Mathematics
Mrs P Ratcliffe Second in Faculty: Mathematics
Mr R Gray Mathematics Faculty
Miss A Headley Mathematics Faculty
Mr R Lyon Mathematics Faculty (and teacher of PE)
Mr C Carrington
Mr C Mannion Cover in Mathematics Faculty

Science Faculty

Mrs A Clayton Head of Faculty: Science
Mr H Duvvasi Second in Faculty: Science
Mrs C Donders Science Faculty
Mrs C Juwe Science Faculty
Mrs R Taylor Science Faculty
Mrs K Wicks Science Faculty: Childcare

Performance Faculty

Mr L Cox Head of Faculty: Performance
Miss D Banthorpe Performance Faculty: Assistant Lead in P.E.
Miss K Conway-Jarrett Performance Faculty (and Teaching and Learning Facilitator)
Mr S Dodd Performance Faculty: Lead in P.E.
Mr B Herring Performance Faculty (and Head of CURRENT Year 10)
Miss B Holmes Performance Faculty: Responsibilities at Key Stage 3 (and Head of CURRENT Year 8)
Miss R Spencer Performance and Mathematics Faculties (and Head of CURRENT Year 7)
Mr P Stokes Performance Faculty (Assistant Principal – Key Stages 4/5)
Miss L Turner Performance Faculty (and Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning)

Humanities Faculty

Miss M Davis Head of Faculty: Humanities
Mr A Bishop Second in Faculty: Humanities
Mr N Brown Humanities Faculty (and Head of Year 8)
Mr M Duffy Humanities Faculty
Miss A Hall Humanities Faculty
Mr R Howard Humanities Faculty (and Teaching and Learning Facilitator)
Mr A Starkey Humanities Faculty (and Head of Year 11 (LEAVERS))
Mrs J Wicks Humanities Faculty (P/T)

Creative Design Faculty

Ms V Woodrow Head of Faculty: Creative Design
Miss E Cooke Creative Design Faculty
Miss M Hart Creative Design Faculty (with responsibilities at Key Stage 3)
Mrs E Price Creative Design Faculty (and Assistant Principal)
Miss K Webster Creative Design Faculty (and Head of incoming Year 7)
VACANCY Technician: Creative Design Faculty
Miss R Thackeray Art Technician: Creative Design Faculty

Inclusion and Support

Mrs K Jacques Director of Inclusion
Mr D Howkins SENDCO (LAC Nominee and Vice Principal)
Mrs K Gleed Student Support
Mrs P Martin Student Counsellor
Mrs R Cullivan Classroom Support: Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Drury Classroom Support: Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Wicks Classroom Support: Teaching Assistant (Higher Level)
Mrs M Lock Student Support
Mr C Mannion Classroom Support: Cover Supervisor


Mr S Goodchild Site Maintenance: Site Manager
VACANCY Site Maintenance: Assistant


Mrs S Bailey Admin: Finance
Mrs L Benson Admin: Reception
Mrs E Bowcher Admin: Academy Office
Mrs C Whiting Admin: Attendance
Mrs L Durrant Admin: Exams and Data (and Midday Supervisor)
Mrs M Farrell Admin: Reprographics and Outreach
Mrs N Goodchild Admin: Inclusion, Transfer and Transition
Mrs J Isahak Admin: Clerk to Governors
Mrs L Mansell Admin: Reception
Mrs N Innes Admin: Reprographics (Parents’ Evenings)
Mrs S McEntegart Admin: Academy Office (Admissions)
Miss K Phillips Admin: Data Manager and Exams Officer
Mrs L Swift Admin: Finance
Mrs J Warren Admin: PA to the Principal and SLT
Ms M Escobar Admin: Learning Resource Centre Supervisor