OSA’s catering needs are met by Chartwells, who have their own YouTube channel that may provide parents/carers/students with some helpful hints for fun, healthy eating.


Since 1 January 2015 milk has been available for any student who wishes to purchase it at break or lunch times. If students are eligible for free school meals, then it will form part of the daily meal deal. Alternatively it will be available to purchase by the cup; please request from the catering staff.

Allergens, intolerance and other reasons not to eat certain foods

There are regulations regarding allergens, intolerances and other reasons why students may not wish to eat certain foods, ie. religious reasons. Chartwells have been trained in these procedures and will need to know from parents if this applies to their child. Please contact the Academy if this concerns your child urgently.

Cashless catering

The Academy uses a cashless catering system for all purchases at the canteen. At the point of payment the student enters a PIN and, once successfully verified by the Catering Point of Sale Operator, their account is debited.

Cashless online
Funds must be added to student accounts online; you can access this via the Cashless Payment Website, using the login details sent to you when the system was introduced in September 2021.  If you are unable to log on to your child’s account, or have a query in relation to it, please contact Mrs N Discombe, our Director of Finance, who will endeavour to assist you.