(FOR P.E. KIT, see below)


Needlepoint Designs can supply blazers, ties, skirts and trousers. Items of uniform do not have to be purchased from Needlepoint, but must be of similar appearance, style, length and material to those demonstrated below.  Please note: socks should be plain black or white.

Needlepoint Designs Ltd.
17 Gaol Lane, Sudbury
Suffolk CO10 1JL
Tel:01787 882340
Email: sales@needlepoint.co.uk

Uniform examples

Click here to download a PDF for further information.


P E Kit

Our P.E. kit is available through Touchline Stores and orders can be placed online here.  The majority of items, which are available in both male and female styles, can be purchased in either blue trim or red, according to whether students follow a GCSE or ‘core’ programme, with additional colour options for A level students and those on the Sports Leadership programme.

If you have any queries concerning the new PE kit, a box of sample items/sizes is available at the Academy’s Reception; please contact them on 01787 375131 or contact Touchline Stores directly by telephone on 0845 643 5898 or via email: info@touchline.co.uk.