Philosophy and Ethics – AS and A level

Entry requirements

B in English GCSE. Desirable B in Philosophy and Ethics/RE.

AS course outline

  • Philosophy: Plato and Aristotle, God as creator, Arguments for the existence of God, Problems of evil, religion and science.
  • Ethics: Ethical theory, Natural law, Utilitarianism, Kantian ethics, Religious ethics, applied ethics including medical ethics, euthanasia, genetic engineering and war and peace.

A2 course outline

  • Philosophy: Religious language, Religious experience, Nature of God, Life and death.
  • Ethics: Meta-ethics, freewill & determinism, Conscience, Virtue ethics and applied ethics in business, Environmental and Sexual ethics.

Where next?

Pretty much anything! A career in the armed forces, the police, emergency services, teaching, law or the civil service are always popular. It is a fully recognised qualification by all universities.