Entry requirements

5+ GCSEs at grade C or above (including English and Maths).

Course outline

A level Sociology offers students the opportunity to develop the essential knowledge and understanding of central aspects of sociological thought and methods. It is designed to encourage students to demonstrate the application of a range of skills and consider the integration of sociological themes:

  • Socialisation, culture and identity
  • Social differentiation, power and stratification.

The specification provides a smooth transition from GCSE Sociology, although this is not a prerequisite for studying AS/A Level Sociology. Students who have Grade C in English Language or similar attainment at Key Stage 4 will find that those skills will suitably equip them for the study of this specification. However, no prior learning is necessary for students to undertake a course of study based on this specification and those returning to study, as part of their lifelong learning, will need no previous attainment in this subject.

The specification lays an appropriate foundation for further study of Sociology and related subjects in higher education. In addition, it provides a worthwhile course for students of various ages and from diverse backgrounds in terms of general education and lifelong learning. Equally, material studied would be useful for students intending to pursue careers in the field of Social Sciences.

  • Culture and Identity; Families and Households; Wealth, Poverty and Welfare
  • Education with Research Methods; Health with Research Methods
  • Beliefs in Society; Global Development; Mass Media; Power and Politics
  • Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods; Stratification and Differentiation with Theory and Methods