Biology – AS and A level

Entry requirements

B or above at GCSE (not BTEC) in Biology or Additional Science and Maths.

AS course outline

  • Module 1: Development of Practical Skills in Biology: This module underpins the whole of the Biology specification, and covers the ‘hands on’ practical skills that you will develop throughout the course.
  • Module 2: Foundations in Biology: In this module you will learn the fundamental aspects of Biology that you will be required to use across the remaining modules. It covers Cell structure, Biological Molecules, Biological Membranes, Nucleotides, Enzymes and Cell Division.
  • Module 3: Exchange and Transport: This module allows you to extend your knowledge looking at exchange surfaces and transport systems in animals and plants.
  • Module 4: Biodiversity, Evolution and Disease: In this module, you are given the opportunity to learn more about communicable diseases, disease prevention, the body’s defence systems as well as the importance of biodiversity, classification and evolution.

A2 course outline

  • Module 5: Communications, Homeostasis and Energy: This module gives you a wide range of knowledge and covers topics such as excretion, neuronal and hormonal communication, as well as respiration and photosynthesis.
  • Module 6: Genetics, Evolution and Ecosystems: This final module covers topics such as cellular control, patterns of inheritance, cloning and ecosystems.

Where next?

Medicine, Veterinary Science, Biological Sciences, Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Psychology, Health professions, Sports-related degrees and many more.