Enrichment and work experience


Having a dedicated time for enrichment and extra-curricular activities makes these activities more manageable and likely to happen – that is why we have dedicated Wednesday period 4 every week for these activities. During this time, students have the opportunity to take up the clubs and societies of their choice – anything from sport, debating, art and drama. Some of these clubs and societies will be run by teachers, others by sixth form students.

Work experience

Work Experience can support university applications and the move into full-time employment by showing a willingness to learn more about the field you wish to move into. Work Experience can be carried out during a free afternoon, at weekends, evenings and during holidays as well as in the last week of the spring term of Year 12. In most cases students are expected to arrange their own placements.

It is best to arrange placements as early as possible during the Academy year as there is such a high demand in certain areas.