General information

Tablet computers for sixth form students

In order to support the research and learning of our sixth form students, we provide them with a tablet computer for use in and out of the Academy.

We are extremely proud of our record of helping all our students to make excellent progress. OSA students are self-motivated and want to learn; our role is one of helping them to achieve their goals and these tablet computers are just another way in which we aim to help our students to help themselves in an increasingly digital world.

Sixth Form Centre

We have recently invested heavily in a spacious and comfortable centre where our sixth form students can undertake private study, work in small groups, hold discussion forums related to areas of their study and use their tablets or computers to undertake research. Furnished in such a way that students can find a quiet and appropriate space for their particular need, the centre is well-regarded by sixth form students and is fast becoming a focal point of the Academy.

Learning Resource Centre

A brand new Learning Resource Centre was created this summer. It is a light, vibrant and welcoming space, with touch screen learning facilities and a 3D projector, boosting a large classroom learning area and modern conference facilities.

Transport to Ormiston Sudbury Academy

We offer a service to our new students of a free minibus if the student lives out of catchment or is unable to receive a bus pass from Suffolk County Council (SCC) transport services. Currently the service runs through Somerton, Hartest and Glemsford, and the surrounding route, however this is based on the current student needs and this can be extended to other areas.

Sixth form bursary

For our sixth form students we offer a bursary to assist them in attending the Academy on buses and will contribute towards the bus pass cost. If you have any questions relating to transport, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Discombe at

Hardship and bursaries

For all our students, from Year 7 to Year 13, we offer hardship funds to support students with needs such as uniform, trips, revision guides and other items that support them in their development at the Academy. In the sixth form we also offer bursaries to students that can support them in their education and the ideas of what this can be used for are limitless, as long as it supports their educational needs.


Our sixth form students benefit from the privilege of being able to make use of our ‘Starbucks’ coffee shop, from 8.15am through until 2pm; this facility is available for sixth form students and staff only and is in addition to the full range of catering facilities provided by our providers, ‘Caterlink’, before the start of the day, at break and at lunchtime.


Our students’ safety is of paramount importance to us at Ormiston Sudbury Academy. All children, whatever their age, should be free from harm and danger; it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that they are. Safeguarding means protecting children from harm and acting on concerns for a child’s safety and wellbeing.

Further information can be found in our Academy policy ‘OSA Whole Academy Safeguarding Policy’.

Links with AFC Sudbury Football Academy

Our links with AFC Sudbury also allow students to continue to study whilst gaining first class football coaching with UEFA B licence coaches, in preparation for a career in professional or semi-professional football. Further details of this partnership are available on the AFC Sudbury website.

Student facilities

The Academy boasts a number of facilities that are available to the students during their time here, and to the community out of academy hours.

We have a stepped, 304-seat, air conditioned auditorium where, each year, many exciting events take place. In the last year, the Academy produced two hugely successful large scale productions: Spelling Bee (Years 11, 12 and 13) in January and Bugsy (Years 7, 8, 9 and 10) in March.

Always popular are our incredible dance shows, music concerts and awards evenings which also take place in the Auditorium.

Many organisations from the local community, both charitable and commercial, use the auditorium to stage events such as dance festivals, pantomimes and music events, including the annual Royal British Legion Remembrance Service.

The Curve

The Curve is a well-equipped, purpose built site which includes a dance, drama and recording studio. This innovative and inspirational space is used by our students for energetic and exciting lessons and performances. Groups such as Rock Choir, Theatretrain and Stagecoach also make the most of these facilities with well attended regular classes and for those that have more energy there are classes such as Zumba and Belly Dancing!

The Sports Centre

The Sports Centre, which includes a newly refurbished fitness suite is used by students during and after the school day. It is also a base for the Sports Partnership, which works with local primary schools to enhance and promote sport and encourages younger students to benefit from participation in sports.

During the evenings, weekends and out of term time the Sports Centre is open to the public. Members of the community enjoy squash, football, trampolining, gymnastics, roller-hockey, to name but a few activities.

Need more information?

In the first instance, please speak to the Head of Faculty as listed below. You can also download or view a PDF of our current sixth form prospectus here.