Extracurricular clubs

There are a number of extracurricular clubs available for students to take part in.

These include:

  • sports activities
  • performing arts groups
  • science
  • media

Students also have the opportunity to join Arts, Sports or Faculty councils.

For after-hours clubs and activities there are late bus arrangements.

Just a few of the Autumn 2017 Opportunities available:

Spanish Club with Ms Escobar in the LRC – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after school (all welcome)
Hoola Hooping Club – Mondays after school (see Mrs Wicks or Mrs Gleed for more information)
Table Tennis Club (all year groups welcome) – Wednesday lunchtimes in the Gym
Basketball Club – Wednesdays after school (all welcome) – in the Sports Hall
Trampolining Club – Wednesdays after school (all welcome) – in the Gym
Girls’ Football – Friday lunchtimes (all welcome) – in the Sports Hall
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) Club – 1.30 pm on Wednesdays, with Miss Walker (in M27): autumn term project will be on ‘robots’.
German Club – Thursday lunchtimes from 1.15pm with Mrs Gingell-Good in M6
English ‘Stretch’ Club – for year 9/10 students wanting to ‘stretch’ themselves in English; Friday lunchtimes with Miss Harvey in L7
SPACE and SPACE CADETS Dance Groups (for successful auditionees) – Wednesdays from 3.30pm to 4.30pm in the auditorium with Miss Holmes
Historic Film Club – ‘Occasional’ (see Mr Grocott for information); first film showing (‘The Battle of Britain’ at 3.30pm on Friday 29th September in M29
Year 7/8 Lego Club – Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes, from 1.30pm, in ‘The Hub’