Student Voice

What is the Student Voice?

Teacher in charge:  Mr Stokes

The Student Council, four House Councils, and Faculty Councils make up the Student Voice platform at Ormiston Sudbury Academy.

  • Ten students from Years 11, 12 and 13 form the Student Council.
  • Two house captains from Year 11, and eight House representatives from Years 7 to 10 form the four House Councils.
  • The Sports and Performing Arts councils are made up of approximately twenty students from Years 7 to 13. Each Council plays a prominent role in running events, representing the Faculty and promoting the excellent opportunities on offer.
  • Maths, English, Science, Creative Design and Humanities councils. Each Faculty has a student representation, so there is an area in the Academy for all students to get involved and represent any subject they are passionate about.

The aim for each student body is to have a positive impact in the Academy and have a platform to suggest areas of improvement, making sure that each voice is heard and has the ability to make a difference.

Student Voice meetings

The Student Council, House Councils and Faculty Councils all meet separately on a weekly basis. Regular times and venues are below; additional meetings are organised when needed.

Council Day Time Venue
Academy Student Council Monday 1.00pm Meeting room 3
Academy House Councils
John Harrison Wednesday 8.50am John Harrison House Office area
Rosa Parks Tuesday 8.50am Dining Room 2
Thomas Gainsborough Wednesday 8.50am L8
Emily Brontë Tuesday 8.50am M17
Academy Faculty Councils
Sports Council Monday 8.50am M17
Performing Arts Council Monday 8.50am L18
English, Maths, Science, Humanities and Creative Design Councils Monday 8.50am Faculty areas

Student Voice Contacts

If you have an idea, issue or area of the Academy you feel needs improving or developing please contact the students and/or staff below:

  • Suggestion box outside ICT Base
  • Email Mr Stokes
  • Contact any of the teachers, Student Council members or House Captains

Some of the roles of the Student Council are:

  • Representing the Academy at evening events throughout the year
  • To oversee a House area of the school at break and lunchtimes, on a rotational basis
  • Meeting, greeting and showing visitors around when necessary.
  • To help with academy events such as Parents evenings, open evening and extra curricular activities.
  • Form interview panels to interview new staff
  • Run charity events, such as the Christmas shoebox appeal

House Captains and House Representatives

The House Captains are elected from Year 11 to represent the views of all pupils in their House. Working closely with the Head of House they lead House Council meetings, meeting regularly to discuss important issues. House Representatives are appointed from Years 7 – 10 and make up the House Council.

Heads of Houses

The role of the House Captains and House Representatives is a hugely prestigious role to fulfill and undertake.

Some of the job descriptions

  • To act as a role model for all students at Ormiston Sudbury Academy.
  • To have an active role in the House Council, attending weekly meetings.
  • Give feedback on changes and decisions which affect you and your peers.
  • Be proactive and have an opinion
  • To work as part of a team and carry out specific duties as directed by your Head of House.
  • Help run and organise house events and trips
  • Give notices in assembly
  • Gain student opinion on changes or future changes

Why be a member?

  • Represent the Academy/House
  • Represent Year group
  • Demonstrating responsibility on your CV
  • Feeling involved, having a say
  • Help develop the Academy
  • Give feedback on changes and influence decisions
  • Seen by Colleges and Universities as a prestigious role to fulfill

Files and documents

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