Student Structure

Year groups

Ormiston Sudbury Academy takes students between the ages of 11 (year 7) and 19 (year 13).   Students in years 12 and 13 make up our Sixth Form cohort and are overseen by an Assistant Principal (KS4/KS5), Mr P Stokes.

Students in years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 make up our ‘main school’ cohorts and the academic progress of each year group is looked after by a Head of Year, who is a member of teaching staff.

For 2020-21, Heads of Year are as follows:

Year 7:     Miss K Webster
Year 8:     Miss R Spencer
Year 9:      Miss B Holmes
Year 10:    Mr A Starkey
Year 11:     Mr B Herring

Tutor groups

Within each of the year groups, students are sub-divided into tutor groups, in which there are a number of other students from the same year group.


In addition to belonging to their respective ‘Year’ and ‘Tutor’ groups, current students are also affiliated to one of our houses, and a House Manager (who deals primarily with pastoral issues and emotional support).  Miss R Spencer is the Head of Year who is responsible for organising and running House events such as assemblies, charity events and competitions; students meet for a half-termly assembly within their ‘house’ group.

Mrs M Newell is the House Manager for Emily  Brontë House

Mrs C Emerton is the House Manager for John Harrison House

Mr O King is the House Manager for Thomas Gainsborough House

More about each house team, and the famous person behind the naming of each house, is available by clicking on the links below.

Emily Brontë House

John Harrison House

Thomas Gainsborough House