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…. Education, Advice, Information and Guidance (or CEAIG) for students in years 7 to 11 inclusive

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Meet Natalie Lusted – our Careers Adviser here at OSA (click on image for more information.)

At Ormiston Sudbury Academy, our careers programme aims to inspire our students and ensure that they realise their potential. The careers strategy engages students and supports everyone, to go as far as their talents will take them. Excellent careers guidance is essential in order to ensure that there is equality of opportunity and we want all our students to explore the full range of choices available to them, to learn from employers about work and the skills that are valued and to have first-hand experience of the work place.

We believe that employers are an integral part of excellent careers advice and that students who meet employers from a young age can easily understand how the subjects that they learn at Ormiston Sudbury Academy support and connect with their future.


Our team at Ormiston Sudbury Academy works closely with employers from all sectors to provide encounters that inspire our students and provide them with the opportunity to learn about what work is like and what it takes to be successful in the workforce. These activities include enterprise and creativity days delivered by local employers, employability days that see businesses delivering workshops on the writing of curriculum vitae and interview skills, and talks run by employers to develop in our students the skills needed to deal successfully with the challenges of the work place.

Through the careers guidance programme, students have access to the information they require in order to make informed decisions regarding options, further education, higher education, apprenticeships and future career pathways.

Mrs Lusted, The Careers Advisor (All Together), delivers independent careers advice and guidance to our students.  Mrs Lusted is a qualified Careers Practitioner and she meets regularly with Year 10, 11 and Sixth Form students.

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If you are an employer or potential external CEAIG ‘provider’, interested in coming in to the Academy to speak to/with or present to our students, please find our ‘Provider Access Statement‘ on our Policies page, here