Free student transport to OSA

Every year, for students who are not entitled to free transport to the Academy, we review our transport arrangements to see whether we can help in some way.

We already operate a minibus service to some of the outlying villages and the route/timings are carefully considered to make it accessible to the greatest possible number of applicants to the Academy. To see whether we may be able to offer your child transport in this way, please contact Mrs Nicola Discombe.

Students who are able to access the normal Chambers school bus route, but who are currently not entitled to a free pass, through Suffolk County Council, may be able to apply for a free, discretionary pass through the Academy under a new arrangement we have negotiated. Students will be able to catch the normal school buses but the Academy will purchase their bus passes, on their behalf.

The number of applications we can accept for these discretionary passes is, obviously, restricted to the physical number of seats available on the vehicle.

If you have any questions or require assistance in registering your interest in the bus pass scheme, please contact Mrs Nicola Discombe, Director of Finance and Business, by email or by telephone, via the Academy switchboard, on 01787 375131.

Timetables for Chambers buses can be found here. All other bus timetables, and other information relating to school transport, can be found on the Suffolk On Board website.

Suffolk Local Authority have an arrangement with Sudbury Cab Company for named students only, who operate route SC710; the timings and pick-up point for this route may be viewed here.

We hope that these arrangements will be of help to a number of students and their families, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Discombe.