Year 7 catch-up funding

Catch up Funding

National Context: The DFE provides additional funding to schools for each Year 7 student who has not achieved a scale score of 100 in reading and/or maths at Key Stage 2. This funding is not ring-fenced, however there is an expectation that students are given the support required to ensure they are ‘more likely to succeed at secondary school’.

At Ormiston Sudbury Academy: ‘Catch-Up’ Funding 2016-17 = £18,500. Following the change in the nature of the Key Stage 2 SATs tests there were 121 students who did not achieve the Expected Standard in KS2 disciplines and eligible for Catch-up Funding.


Area Provision Cost Impact

13 students receive specific bespoke intervention outside of the normal English lessons. Students seen once per week.

Specific and bespoke Schemes of Learning (SOL) undertaken to deliver necessary skills to students. SoW are written by SENCo focusing specifically upon skills of reading comprehension, Spelling Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG) and independent writing.

All Year 7 and 8 students receive a timetabled library lesson with guided reading organised, with Accelerated Reader.

Lucid Exact Programme is used to diagnose need.


6 lessons (75 minutes per lesson) per week directly supported by Teaching Assistants (TAs) across all English Year 7 classes.

TAs target students below the expected standard at KS2 within these classes.

Students involved in Accelerated Reading scheme.


£4000 Staffing










£4000 staffing


Reading Accuracy  +9months average increase


Spelling +2months average increase







Numeracy Numeracy:

13 students receive specific bespoke intervention outside of the normal Maths lessons.

Students seen once a week.

Specific and bespoke SoW undertaken to deliver necessary skills to students.


TA support within each of the lowest ability sets for Maths. Classes supported by specialist Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) in both year halves.

MyMaths program supports progress.


£4000 staffing






£4000 staffing


+2months average increase


Transition Resources Summer School + Numeracy and Literacy materials were supplied to Year 7 students for the summer holidays. The bags were individualised the items purchased included: fiction novel,

book magazines; various stationery items



Compared to previous years, the number of students with attainment less than the expected standard and therefore eligible for Catch-up Funding has risen by 10.7%. With this in mind, our provision is far more focused on in-class challenge and giving the students more of face to face classroom experience. However, at the same time by investing in small group work, outside of the timetabled English and Maths lesson, we are raising the amount of time these pupils are exposed to direct Literacy and Numeracy teaching.