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COVID home-testing, obtaining kits and logging results

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OAT Matholympics Easter Challenge 2021

A chocolate-themed mathematical conundrum (or two) to get OSA (and other OAT academy students!) thinking – with the chance of a prize too!!  Answers/Entries to be submitted here

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Electronic Bulletin published (with EXTREMELY important information regarding COVID home-testing kits)

This week’s electronic bulletin has now been published and is on its way out to parents/carers via email. THE BULLETIN CONTAINS SOME EXTREMELY IMPORTANT INFORMATION RELATING TO THE COVID HOME-TESTING KITS which have come/will be coming home with a large proportion of students (those who have been/are involved in the in-Academy testing programme) between now […]

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Letter from the Principal coming home with students from today

A paper copy of a letter from the Principal is being handed out to all students to bring home, starting today; it has been made clear to students that this is very important that they bring it home and give it to you. The letter concerns the ways in which we will continue to communicate […]

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OSA has scheduled a phased return to the Academy, from Monday 8th March, beginning with COVID TESTING for years 11,12 and 13 – and working through the week.  Please see ALL DETAILS here

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