Independent Study

Independent Study consists of learning activities set to be completed outside timetabled lessons, with the aim of complementing what is taught in lessons.

Learning outside of lessons is crucially important in raising student achievement, helping students to develop independent learning skills, confidence and self-sufficiency, preparing them for successful adult life.

The aim of the Academy is to enable students to achieve the very highest levels of attainment of which they are capable.

Research carried out by the Education Endowment Foundation shows that when Independent Study is specifically linked to learning that takes place in the classroom an additional 5 months progress per student can be made.

Not all Independent Study must be completed at home; in fact, some students may prefer to work at the Academy where resources such as computers, textbooks, materials as well as specialist resources and equipment are more readily available.

Students may also work in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) daily from 3.15 – 4.15pm.

Some Independent Study tasks set may also require students to attend some of the many extra-curricular clubs /enrichment activities offered at the Academy.

An Independent Study (Homework) Guide can be viewed here

This guide details how to make the most of the online resources, as well as outlining a number of activities students can use to support their independent study and revision.

Click on the buttons below to view suggested KS3 / KS4 Independent Study plans, access subject knowledge organisers and online resources.