Posted on: 18th May 2021

Please could we remind parents/carers/visitors that we have a number of students for whom access to one of the disabled parking bays (to allow additional space for getting into/out of a vehicle) is extremely important.
These bays are designed to make the life of the person with the difficulty, easier – be that the passenger or the driver – however they are not intended for use by individuals who MAY legitimately hold a Blue Badge Permit, but are not actually required to get out of/into their car whilst on site.
Please could we ask for your understanding and courtesy in not using one of these bays unless you or your passenger needs to get into/out of the vehicle and is UNABLE to do so in one of the normal parking bays.
We would ask that marked ‘disabled parking’ bays are not used as ‘overflow’ parking spaces if other bays are already in use, as this prevents them from being available for those with a genuine need who may arrive just a minute or two later.
Thank you in advance for your support, understanding and compassion for fellow parents/carers/students.

Category: Academy news, Sixth form news