EXTRA Staff Training / Non-Pupil Day – Monday 30th October

Posted on: 15th September 2023

As advised in Electronic Bulletin – published 15th September.

OSA parents should already be aware, either from prior newsletters/communications or from our website, that Ormiston Sudbury Academy will continue to observe a one-week half-term holiday for its students, in October.  We are aware that our neighbouring Thomas Gainsborough School, in Great Cornard, will, for the first time this year, be having a TWO-WEEK break and we wish to ensure that OSA parents and student are very clear, that OSA is NOT operating that same arrangement.  THIS SAID, HOWEVER our new Principal has, today, secured authority to hold an ADDITIONAL STAFF TRAINING DAY on Monday 30th October.  This means that OSA students will be expected at the Academy up to, and including, Friday 20th October; they will then return, after the break AND EXTRA TRAINING DAY, on Tuesday 31st October.

If there are any families for whom this additional ‘non-pupil’ day (Monday 30th October) causes childcare issues, we can make arrangements for your child(ren) to be able to come into the Academy to be supervised for the day; we will not be putting on timetabled lessons, but supervised personal study facilities will be available for those students.  Please ensure you notify the Academy (email to [email protected]) if you require this facility for your child(ren.)


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