Would you like to sing with our ‘OSA Community Choir 2020’?

Posted on: 30th November 2020

We hope you may consider joining us as a member of this year’s ‘virtual’ Community Choir. We will be singing Carol of the Bells (click here to hear the full version, sung by our OSA student / alumni choir a year or two ago.)

Links to the sheet music and all four recorded parts are given below; please feel free to choose which you would prefer to ‘sing along’ to and download your chosen part.

The words / music score  (all parts) can be found here (as a PDF.)

Soprano and Alto are higher in pitch and typically sung by a female or young child’s voice; Tenor and Bass are typically sung by a male voice. (Download your chosen part by clicking on the appropriate link.)

When you record your part please film yourself LANDSCAPE, rather than portrait, as this makes it easier to edit.

Also please ensure that you are listening to us singing the part through headphones so that you are exactly in time with our recording. This will ensure that all the recordings sync together perfectly.

Your finished recording can then be sent through either by e-mail, or if the file is too big then via a file share website such as WeTransfer or Dropbox, to Miss Conway-Jarrett.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch – we hope to receive your recorded part very soon!

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