Ormiston Sudbury Academy –  Curriculum Intent

In line with the Ormiston Academies Trust curriculum strategy of teach, develop and change, our curriculum intent demonstrates our commitment to:

  • A broad and balanced range of subjects; inspiring students to appreciate and interact with the world around them, encouraging independence and creativity and linking their learning from different topics, themes and disciplines.
  • Teach the key elements to support effective: literacy, language and numerical development.
  • Support students in progressing, by providing appropriate and valued opportunities to develop their aspirations.
  • Develop a variety of skills in students to support their on-going learning by cultivating resilience, teamwork, creativity as well as a passion and enjoyment for learning.
  • Develop the key skills that support students in sustaining effective personal well-being and relationships through confidence, tolerance, respect and appropriate communications.

You will find the Curriculum Statement from our sponsor (Ormiston Academies Trust) here

(see here for more information about our extra-curricular clubs)

An overview of our Curriculum Map for 2023-24 may be found here

The links below will allow you to discover a little more about each of our faculties, their curriculum and their statements of intent:

Key Stage 4 option booklets

For further information please contact Mr D Howkins or the relevant Head of Faculty.


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