Revision advice for parents

Tips for parents and carers on how you can support your child’s revision. You can also find further, useful advice on our Revision advice for students page.

  • Work out a revision timetable for each subject
  • Find a quiet space where they will not be disturbed by younger siblings
  • Break revision time into small chunks – 45 minute sessions with short breaks at the end of each session often work well
  • Make sure your child has all the essential books and materials
  • Condense notes onto postcards to act as revision prompts
  • Buy new stationery, highlighters and pens to make revision more interesting
  • Go through school notes with your child or listen while they revise a topic
  • Time your child’s attempts at practice papers
  • Agree with your child to limit access to mobile phones and social networking – help them to see this as a treat during the short breaks
  • Feed them with healthy food, complex carbohydrates to keep them concentrating– feed their brains!
  • Encourage them to avoid energy drinks as this will leave them tired and lacking in energy when the ‘sugar rush’ wears off
  • Allow them to revise with a friend – gently remind them to stay on the revision and not gossip!
  • Make sure they get a good night’s rest before each exam
  • Provide them with a healthy breakfast on the ‘big day’