Student Structure

Year groups

Ormiston Sudbury Academy currently takes students between the ages of 11 (year 7) and 16 (year 11); the academic progress of each year group is looked after by a Head of Year, who is a member of teaching staff.

For the academic year 2022-23, Heads of Year are as follows:

Year 6 Transition:  Miss K Webster

Year 7: Miss K Webster
Year 8:  Mr A Starkey
Year 9: Mr B Herring
Year 10: Mrs R Moulton-Day
Year 11: Miss B Holmes

Tutor groups

Within each of the year groups, students are sub-divided into tutor groups, in which there are a number of other students from the same year group.

Pastoral Managers

In addition to belonging to their respective ‘Year’ and ‘Tutor’ groups, current students also have access to a team of Pastoral Managers (who deal, primarily, with pastoral issues and emotional support).