Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (or CEIAG) for students in years 7 to 11 inclusive

The member of staff with oversight of our CEIAG provision is Mr A Starkey ([email protected]) and he is supported by Miss H Boreham ([email protected])

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Working with local Employers

The Academy recognises the important role that relationships with our local employers plays in the delivery of education for our students. We have approximately 650 students in total and each academic year, the majority of our Year 11 students either progress into Sixth Form education, locally, or pursue vocational and academic courses at local colleges. A growing number of students have successfully applied for apprenticeships in Sudbury and the surrounding area.

Ormiston Sudbury Academy is committed to the benchmarks of good careers guidance, as outlined by Gatsby. (Our current GATSBY COMPASS Score is available here, with further information on how we are achieving this, here.)   The Academy has developed a careers, enterprise, information and guidance programme that runs throughout the school. Students participate in careers and employability activities that are spread throughout the curriculum and across all faculties within the Academy. The highlight of this activity is an employability skills day for year 10 students that is scheduled to support them at a critical time in their decision-making about curriculum and post-16 preferences. Following an employability day that sees local employers delivering sessions on interview skills and the writing of curriculum vitae, employers are invited into the Academy to conduct mock interviews with Year 10 students. The employers are supplied with a list of students to interview; this is usually five to six students throughout a morning.

We also involve lower-school students in two days where they have an opportunity to meet and engage with local and national employers. Year 9 students enjoy a speed-networking event where employers meet with students in small groups of around five or six and, having outlined their roles, employers respond to students’ questions. After a short amount of time, a bell is rung and the students move on to the next employer. The event provides an excellent opportunity for students to engage with employers, research information about the employment sector and have those all-important one-to-one conversations that build students’ confidence.

Year 8 students experience careers learning delivered by Barclays Life Skills and the Talent Foundry on resilience, enterprise and core transferable skills, over a four-day period.

Employers we need your support:

If you would like to support Ormiston Sudbury Academy then we would very much like to speak with you. We also promote the work of the New Anglia Enterprise Adviser Network. To find out more about this initiative and the many other ways that you can support and work with the Ormiston Sudbury Academy, please contact the Principal on [email protected]

Important information for employers can be found by following the links outlined in this section of our website. If the information you are looking for is not detailed here, please feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page and we will do everything we can to answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you. If you are an employer or potential external CEAIG ‘provider’, interested in coming in to the Academy to speak to/with or present to our students, please find our ‘Provider Access Statement‘ on our Policies page, here.


Careers Advice and Guidance for Students at OSA

At Ormiston Sudbury Academy, our careers programme aims to inspire our students and ensure that they realise their potential. The careers strategy engages students and supports everyone, to go as far as their talents will take them. Excellent careers guidance is essential in order to ensure that there is equality of opportunity and we want all our students to explore the full range of choices available to them, to learn from employers about work and the skills that are valued and to have first-hand experience of the work place.

We believe that are an integral part of excellent careers advice and that students who meet employers from a young age can easily understand how the subjects that they learn at Ormiston Sudbury Academy support and connect with their future.

Our team at Ormiston Sudbury Academy works closely with employers from all sectors to provide encounters that inspire our students and provide them with the opportunity to learn about what work is like and what it takes to be successful in the workforce. These activities include enterprise and creativity days delivered by local employers, employability days that see businesses delivering workshops on the writing of curriculum vitae and interview skills, and talks run by employers to develop in our students the skills needed to deal successfully with the challenges of the work place.

Through the careers guidance programme students have access to the information they require in order to make informed decisions regarding options, further education, higher education, apprenticeships and future career pathways.

Mrs H Boreham, Careers Assistant & Librarian, supports Year 10 and Year 11 students with post 16 transition interviews by delivering independent careers advice and guidance to our students.

You can read more about our CEAIG provision/student entitlement here

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Post-16 Destinations 2021

The Academy regularly reviews and evaluates the careers provision and encourages feedback from key stakeholders such as students, staff, parents and employers.

Feedback has enabled the Academy to respond to changing patterns in post 16 destination data. The overall trend has been for the majority of students to progress to a college of further education, with the second preferred option being a sixth form centre. A growing number of students have expressed an interest in employment with training (apprenticeships).

The Year 11 careers package delivered through the PSHE programme, has a particular emphasis upon post 16 transition and early preparation. The calendar of post 16 open days and events at all local educational providers is made available to students, and tutors encourage, monitor and track attendance at these events. Students are encouraged to research all post 16 educational providers so that an informed choice can be made. All local post 16 providers deliver a presentation to Year 11 students outlining the opportunities offered, as illustrated below (2021):

Monday, 13 Sept. 2021: Suffolk Rural (Otley) and Suffolk New College (Ipswich)
Monday, 20 Sept. 2021: Colchester Institute
Monday, 27 Sept. 2021: West Suffolk College
Monday, 4 Oct. 2021: Suffolk One (Ipswich)and Abbeygate Sixth Form (Bury St. Edmunds)
Monday, 11 Oct. 2021: Thomas Gainsborough School Sixth Form
Monday, 18 Oct. 2021: Colchester Sixth Form College

Consequently, the careers programme has contributed to students achieving a successful post 16 transition and the following destination data (2021):

Cohort size: 129
Sixth Form: 37.98%
Further Education College: 55.81%
Employment with Training: 2.33%
Non-Employed Training: 0%
Employed without Training: 0.78%
Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET): 1.55%
Moved Away: 1.55%

This page and the published information will be reviewed in March 2023, following feedback from key stakeholders.