Curriculum Map: Geography


Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Year 7 What is geography? Volcanoes cont… & We are what we eat What is the difference between weather and climate? Antarctic: The Last Great Wilderness What happens when the land meets the sea?
The geography of  volcanoes Geographical skills. (Fieldwork) Global Climate Change What is globalisation? The geology of sink holes
Year 8 The Geography of health and development Are Global Biomes under threat? Is Britain a hazardous place? Conflict in the Middle East The challenges of opportunities facing  Africa and Russia Geography of Festivals
(Geography in the news) Weathering and erosion
Year 9 Human impact on the environment. The restless Earth, managing earthquakes Rich World, Poor World. Challenges of development Hazardous World  (Geography in the News) Global tourism Why are rivers important?
Geographical skills  (Fieldwork) How does ice shape the world?
Year 10 Urban and Rural processes and change  1.2 Urban and Rural processes and change  1.2 Shaping the Landscape Urbanisation in contrasting global cities  1.1 Desertification 3.4 Component 3                     Applied fieldwork enquiry  (Change over time)
Rivers and river management  2.2 Water Resources Management 3.3 Year 10 mock 1
Year 11 Coasts  Shaping the landscape, coasts and coastal management       2.1 Weather and Climate  2.3 How Ecosystems function,   3.1 A Global perspective on Development issues 1.3 Examination preparation N/A
Climate Change, Cause and effect 2.4 Ecosystems under threat   3.2 Component 3  Fieldwork (sustainability)
Year 11 Mock