COVID vaccinations for 12-15 year olds – OPPORTUNITIES for both first and booster jabs (as recommended by JCVI)

Posted on: 11th February 2022

Message for parents/carers of 12-15 year old students from

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Re: COVID vaccinations/booster jabs for your child(ren)

The Joint Commission for Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) published updated guidance on 29th November 2021 advising that all children and young people aged 12-15 years old should be offered a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech (30 micrograms) COVID-19 vaccine at a minimum of 12 weeks from the first dose.

The forthcoming half-term holiday offers an ideal opportunity for parents/carers to find a walk-in clinic or book a scheduled appointment in order for their child(ren) to receive their first/second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination, if they have not already had both.

Information about when/where these vaccination clinics are going to be held can be found on the COVID-19 section of our website here or on the NHS COVID vaccination website here: walk-ins  or pre-booked


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