HPV Vaccination (against Cervical Cancer) Programme (Yr 8/9 Girls)

Posted on: 12th January 2018

On the 5th February, the NHS will be starting the HPV programme for girls in years 8 and 9 at OSA; administering a second dose for year 9 students (who have previously provided parental consent) and a first dose for year 8 girls whose parents provide parental consent before the day of the vaccinations.

NHS Letters and information packs have been handed out to girls in year 8 – and a copy of the information is available here.

Parents wishing their daughter(s) to receive this vaccination are asked to complete the Consent Form provided (or obtain a copy from our website, as advised above) and return it to the Academy as soon as possible.

Year 9 girls that have already started the programme, and had their first immunisation last year (or who previously provided parental consent) will receive their second vaccination.

If any female student previously deferred her HPV vaccination and now wishes to start, please advise and we can include them in this year’s programme – if they are 15 years and over, they will require 3 doses and will need a 3 dose consent form, please contact Mrs Discombe at the Academy for this.

If you need further information regarding the HPV vaccinations please contact the Suffolk School Immunisation Team:- 01473 599140 or email: ccs-tr.suffolkimmsteam@nhs.net. Further information can be found online by searching ‘childhood vaccinations’ at: www.nhs.uk/hpv

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