Learning gateway

Our Student Information Management System (SIMS) Learning Gateway (also referred to as SLG) is an exciting online portal which will allow you to see up-to-date personalised information on your child/children, and which we hope will help foster a closer relationship between home and the Academy.

The Learning Gateway is accessible by clicking the button below, or by clicking the Learning Gateway link under Online Services at the bottom of any page on our website. You’ll then need to enter your username and password, which you can obtain by emailing slg@ormistonsudbury.co.uk.

Access to Learning Gateway

Using our Learning Gateway allows you to:

  • Ensure that key information retained by the Academy for your child/children (important contact, medical details etc.) is correct.
  • See your child’s/children’s timetable and homework.
  • Access the latest assessment report for your child/children.
  • See achievement points and behaviour incidents accrued by your child/children.
  • View your child’s/children’s attendance record.

Please familiarise yourself with the following important information about your online account, and the data that you will be able to access:

  • Only parents or carers with parental responsibility for a particular student will be provided with an SLG account for that student’s data.
  • Only you (as the parent/carer of a student) and Academy staff can access this data about the student. A parent/carer cannot see any contact information (eg. home address, phone number, email address etc.) of another parent or student.
  • Your data and that of all students, is managed by the Academy and is held securely. We take the security of this data very seriously and all sensible measures have been taken to safeguard this information.
  • When you connect to the SLG, data is transmitted across the internet securely using security encryption.
  • You will be able to change your password at any time to maintain the security of your account.

It is vital that you check your child’s/children’s Data Collection Sheet(s) on the SLG as soon as you receive your password, to make any necessary amendments and add any additional information about your child/children, so that we have the information we need to help us support them. This is also the method you should use during your child’s/children’s time with us at the Academy should any contact or medical details etc. change, and it is your responsibility to ensure that this information is kept up to date.

If you have no email or internet access please contact the Academy reception on 01787 375131 so that a Data Collection Sheet can be sent to you to be checked/updated and returned to us as soon as possible.

Click here to download our short guide to the Learning Gateway.