History – AS and A level

Entry requirements

Grade B at GCSE History. If you have not studied History at GCSE, we will use your English Literature as a guide which should be a B or above.

Course outline

  • Unit 1: Democracies in Change, Britain and the USA in the twentieth century. Britain Transformed 1918-1997. How did Britain develop and change through the twentieth century?
  • Unit 2: The USA 1920-1955, Boom, Bust and Recovery. Did America profit from the Second World War?
  • Unit 3: Lancastrians, Yorkists and Henry VII 1399 – 1509. Was England’s most frugal king much better than his more famous son?
  • Unit 4: Coursework of your choice of 3000 words. What would you like to learn about? You choose.

Where next?

Not only does History have all the best stories, but the course will provide you with a range of skills. These will help you on any University course or in your future career. Former students with an A Level in History have gone on to higher level study including politics, international relations, archaeology and anthropology degree courses. You could also seek employment in roles such as a researcher or data analyst. The legal profession traditionally draws heavily from history graduates.