Careers Programme at OSA

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Career Journey Talks


Career Week Activities (March): Ambition and Employment pathways delivered through the subject lessons.


Apprenticeship Week Activities (February): introduction to apprenticeships and employability skills. Poster Design Competition.


Career Journey Talks







PSHE: Self Awareness/Self Improvement

– Reflect on self: skills and interests

– Accessing the Career Tool Start.

– Exploring personal interests and work preferences.

-Different employment sectors.

-Understanding career based websites, career matching tools & researching job roles that may be of interest.

-Why do people work? The importance of motivation.

-The importance of goals & aspirations.

-The Professional Award for Conduct and Employability. The importance of developing professional attributes and employability skills.

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PSHE programme: Resilience, Enterprise and Core Skills

-Thinking about your future and the skills required

-Understanding careers, Labour Market Information & possible pathways.

-Being the Best You Can Be: employability and employability skills.

-Using employability skills and interview technique. How to approach an interview.

-Possible career pathways & the skills & qualities associated with enterprise & employability.

Employment sectors and changing employment opportunities. Exploration of Labour Market Information.

-Demonstrating skills and qualities. Introducing a curriculum vitae (CV), planning and developing a CV.

-Enterprise & Risk.

– Developing Enterprise & Team Work Skills.

-Reviewing conduct through the Professional Award for Conduct and Employability.


Career Journey Talks


Careers Week Activities (March): ambition and employment pathways.


Apprenticeship Week Activities (February): Apprenticeship stories and skills used. Smoothie Challenge (competition)


Barclays Life Skills delivered by the Talent Foundry: Resilience, Enterprise and Core Transferrable Skills. One seventy-five minute session delivered four times throughout the year:


January: Putting Enterprise Skills into Action

Academy delivered:  Innovation and Idea Generation: Activity 1: Being Innovative Through Creativity


March: Problem Solving

Academy Delivered: Innovation and Idea Generation: Activity 2: Putting Creativity Into Action


Career Journey Talks


May:  Barclays Life Skills delivered by the Talent Foundry: Setting and Achieving Goals / Money and Work.


Academy Delivered: Innovation and Idea Generation: Activity 3:

Aiming High (Proactivity)




June: Barclays Life Skills delivered by the Talent Foundry: Self Confidence

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9 Tutorials linked with option choices





















Career Journey Talks

PSHE: Labour Market Information

-Investigation of LMI and introduction to LMI tools such as careerometer.

-Use of LMI websites to research caeers and career pathways: icanbea, icould, National Careers Service, Get In Go Far, and The Source.

– Future pathways and option choices.

– Discrimination and stereotyping and the importance of challenging prejudice.

-Preparing to meet with employers.

-Interview preparation and practise.

-Importance of networking and building a network.

-The importance of researching companies ahead of an interview.

Apprenticeship Week: Ice Cream Challenge.


Career Journey Talks

Option evening. Careers Advisor available to speak with parents and students.



Speed Networking Event with employers. An opportunity for students to further develop their understanding of Labour Market Information, meet with a number of employers (approximately twenty), and to speak with them about their roles and the employability skills that they require. Members of the business community attend and respond to students questions.


Career Week Activities: Ambition and Employment pathways delivered through the subject lessons.



Career Journey Talks

Assembly on transition from year 9 to year 10 and what to expect over the next couple of years.
10 All Year 10 students attend the Suffolk Skills and Careers Festival, Trinity Park. An opportunity for students to explore career pathways and speak with representatives from a range of companies, employment sectors and educational/training providers.  






Career Journey Talks



Career Journey Talks


1:1 careers interviews with the careers advisor for all students to discuss their post 16 planning and choices.


PSHE: Developing and Improving Your Skills

-Changing skills requirement and developing your skills.

-Skill requirement within different careers.

-Review and development of skills.

-Investigation of employment opportunities using LMI website tools: Careerometer, Youth Employment UK, Icould, Icanbea, National Careers Service Site, Get In Go Far, Government Careers Tool , and National Careers Week.

– students register as a Young Professional and use the Youth Employment UK site to develop their employability skills.

-Understanding careers information.

-Investigating future pathways.

-Rights and responsibilities, types of employment, employment rights, minimum wage and further sources of information.



June: Employability Day: The Employability Day involves a number of sessions in the morning that are led by employers on interview technique, good and bad Curriculum Vitae, writing a formal covering letter, post 16 Transition and Pathways, and Apprenticeship Opportunities.


In the afternoon of the Employability Day, students prepare a curriculum vitae (CV). The CV is further developed and improved during English lessons, and then forwarded to the employers that are to interview students during the Mock Interview morning.


July: Mock Interviews: Each student has the opportunity to attend a mock interview with an employer where interview technique and the student’s curriculum vitae are reviewed.

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11 1:1 careers interviews with the careers advisor for all year 11 students to discuss their post 16 choices.  Students provided with an action plan.


Students receive the calendar of open events and evenings hosted by local educational and training providers, Students are encouraged to attend and tutors track their attendance.


College/sixth form application forms to be completed (December).


Use of electronic career tools such as icanbea and start packages to research pathways and future careers.


Application deadline for sixth form (December).


Apprenticeship Suffolk delivering an assembly.


Tutorials: Ensuring a Successful Post-16 Transition

-Reviewing post 16 options and developing Plan A&B

-Investigating post 16 educational/training providers.

-Attending Open Events and Open Evenings.

-Reviewing Current Progress and Target Setting.

-Considering all Options: Apprenticeships.

-Successful applications:  importance of having an up-to-date curriculum vitae.

-Writing a formal letter of application.

-Completing the Professional Award for Conduct and Employability.


Application deadline for college.













Career Journey Talks












The Aim High Group running a workshop and a lunchtime drop in session (Apprenticeships).








Career Journey Talks

Attend college and sixth form interviews.


Accept all Conditional offers.


Apply for apprenticeships and start looking for training opportunities.


The Aim High Group running a follow up apprenticeship workshop.




Career Journey Talks

Attend induction days


Apply for part time jobs.


GCSE Results – All Together Careers Adviser present.


Enrol on course

12 Monthly careers talk from different fields (via teams) Careers tutorial programme Work experience week opportunity for all students 1:1 careers interviews to help prepare students for year 13 and discuss university applications UCAS Careers fayre visited by all students. Followed by a ‘drop down’ university preparation day.
13 University visits and Open days 1:1 careers interviews to take place with those students who have been highlighted as a concern from the Head of year – provided by All Together. Apprenticeship workshops Apprenticeship workshops Final 1:1 careers interview and next step. A Level results –Careers Adviser present.