Following a change of Principal on 1st September 2023, individual policy documents will be updated, as soon as possible, to reflect any changes of name for the Principal, if/where required.  Where any specific reference is made to ‘Mrs C Wilson – Principal’, in any of our policy documents, please assume that this will be updated to reflect the change to ‘Mrs S Morris – Principal,’ as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience in this regard.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE that our email address changed on 1st September 2023 but some of our policies may still contain reference to the previous email address; to email the Academy please use [email protected] 


Please contact Mr Howkins (Vice Principal – Curriculum and Outcomes) if you have any queries relating to our Remote Learning arrangements.

OAT Remote Learning and Intervention Policy (July 2023)

Department for Education Guidance

Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) (September 2023)
Working Together to Safeguard Children (July 2018; updated July 2022)
Guidance on Suspension and Permanent Exclusions (September 2023)

Guidance on the PREVENT strategy (18th October 2023)


Examinations policies (historical)

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Ormiston Academies Trust policies